Would you like your very own Kathy Jakobsen oil painting? Please do not hesitate to write Kathy about a commission!

Kathy has done over 600 oil paintings, many of which have been commissioned for special events, such as birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts to special commemorative commissions (“Easter Egg Hunt at the White House” and Family Circle Magazine 60th Anniversary).

Kathy is great at keeping a secret if you want the gift to be a surprise. Please contact her to discuss your ideas today.

Available Paintings:

  1. Union Station (double page)
  2. Statuary Hall (double page)
  3. Supreme Court (single page)
  4. National Archives (single page)
  5. National Museum of Natural History (single page)
  6. Presidential Pets (double page)
  7. National Museum of American History , Star Spangled Banner (single page)
  8. Washington Monument Fireworks (fold-out page)
  9. Washington Monument Interior with 193 Commemorative Stones (fold-out page)
  10. Lincoln Memorial Interior, Gettysburg Address (single page)
  11. Lincoln Memorial Exterior (single page)