Available Works

Original oil paintings available from Kathy’s latest book, My Washington DC.

Less than half of Kathy’s beautifully detailed paintings are still available:

  • Union Station (double page)
  • Statuary Hall (double page)
  • Supreme Court (single page)
  • National Archives (single page)
  • National Museum of American History , Star Spangled Banner (single page)
  • Washington Monument Fireworks (fold-out page)
  • Washington Monument Interior with 193 Commemorative Stones (fold-out page)
  • Lincoln Memorial Interior, Gettysburg Address (single page)
  • Lincoln Memorial Exterior (single page)

  • Single page (17×13 inches): $4,000
    Double page (17×25 inches): $8,000
    Foldout page (37×17 inches): $12,000

    Each painting has the text of the book page inked beautifully in cursive with a parchment colored background (there will be no “white box” as seen in the pictures below).
Union Station (double page, 17×25 inches)
This is how each painting will look completed with the text of the book page.
Statuary Hall (double page, 17×25 inches)
Supreme Court (single page, 17×13 inches)
Supreme Court (single page) final version with text filled in.
Lincoln Memorial Exterior (single page, 17×13 inches)
Lincoln Memorial Interior, Gettysburg Address (single page, 17×13 inches)
National Museum of American History, Star Spangled Banner (single page, 17×13 inches)
National Archives (single page, 17×13 inches)

For inquiries, please contact KJFINEART[at]YAHOO[dot]COM

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