Available Works

Imagine owning your very own Kathy Jakobsen oil painting!

Original oil paintings available from Kathy’s latest book, My Washington DC.

Less than half of Kathy’s beautifully detailed paintings are still available:

  • Union Station (double page)
  • Statuary Hall (double page)
  • Supreme Court (single page)
  • National Archives (single page)
  • National Museum of American History , Star Spangled Banner (single page)
  • Washington Monument Fireworks (fold-out page)
  • Washington Monument Interior with 193 Commemorative Stones (fold-out page)
  • Lincoln Memorial Interior, Gettysburg Address (single page)
  • Lincoln Memorial Exterior (single page)

  • Single page (17×13 inches): $6,000 – REDUCED to $3,800
    Double page (17×25 inches): $12,000 – REDUCED to $10,000
    Foldout page (37×17 inches): $18,000 – REDUCED to $15,000 or two for $28,000.

    Each painting has the text of the book page inked beautifully in cursive with a parchment colored background (there will be no “white box” as seen in the pictures below).

For inquiries, please contact KJFINEART[at]YAHOO[dot]COM

Union Station (double page, 17×25 inches)
This is how each painting will look completed with the text of the book page.
Statuary Hall (double page, 17×25 inches)
Supreme Court (single page, 17×13 inches)
Supreme Court (single page) final version with text filled in.
Lincoln Memorial Exterior (single page, 17×13 inches)
Lincoln Memorial Interior, Gettysburg Address (single page, 17×13 inches)
National Museum of American History, Star Spangled Banner (single page, 17×13 inches)
National Archives (single page, 17×13 inches)
Bill of Right (double page, SOLD) – Get your FREE POSTER included with every book!
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